analog companion feature

Park Affair Coach Bekah Ashley writes the opening for  analog companion  Volume 4: Issues 4. She covers the community behind Park Affair. 


"Highlighting the people and places that represent what's most important to our values and ideals, Volume 4: Issue 4 closes out this collection with a series of interviews on subjects who not only create music or video parts that speak to our hearts and minds, but also inspire us to affect positive change in the world around us. 


Volume 4: Issue 4 opens the issue with Park Affair by Bekah Ashley. Bekah covers the growing female-only Snowboard Park Program that encourages women of all ages to step out of their comfort zones, and into the park. Lifelong skater Kevin Susienka exposes the talent Central Mass skater and style-master of Taylor Clark in Corporate Grind while André Rober Beriau discovers a roll of film from Wachusett Mountain circa 2005 that documents the importance of Youth in Bloom. Beriau also dives into the music world to interview The Meat Man aka Trevor Vaughan of Wound Man/XFilesX amongst other seminal Powerviolence Bands. Singer/Guitar player David Kelling of Culture Abuse weighs in on tour life and the changes his band has gone through since their start. Amongst the articles are show and album reviews to help fill readers in on what they missed, and what's worth listening to."