Snowboard Programs


The Snowboard camp is for all abilities, beginners to advanced riders.

With our strong standing relationships with our partnered resorts, we have a private park for all our events. We have a staff of seasoned coaches that will guide you through every trick and, professional photographers to capture every moment. At the end of each event you will walk away with new friends, long lasting memories, and some new found confidence in the park! We share and send all of our content we capture to each camper so they can re-live all the memories. We have two programs Adult & Youth. Our new youth program is still a work in progress and will have updates soon. In the meantime please connect with us if you would like to sign up someone who is under 15 

Jamie @ Mt. Snow Camp 2018 

 We work closely with the Park Crew at each resort to create a private impactful experience. The set up is built for all abilities.

Big Boulder Camp 2018 

We have a well rounded coaching staff from all over the East Coast 

Bekah & Mercedes  @ Killington 2022 

Coach Meesh @ Big Snow 

We partner with some great photographers, to capture every moment and share with all riders within 48 hours after event. 

 Mackennzie Hennessey 
Ashley Rosemeyer 

There is always Apre Fun after every event! 

 We were all beginners at one point, and maybe even a little intimidated of the park. When you have a great group of friends around you, it doesn't matter how good you are or how big you go, with a strong community everyone can feel like Beyonce. 
Park Affair grows because of its ever evolving community of powerful inspiring women. 
Please contact us if you have any questions!