Adult Program

Park Affair is an all women's snowboard camp, dedicated to inspire women to be equal on and off the mountain. Starting in New England,  Park Affair has expanded all the way down the East Coast.  Our dedicated and talented coaches encourage women to push their limits on and off the mountain. Park Affair grows because of its ever evolving community of powerful inspiring women. 

This weekend camp is for all abilities!! We have two programs Adult (16+ we do make exceptions so please email us with questions on age)  and our new youth program (9 yrs - 15 yrs old ), and with our strong standing relationships with our partnered resorts, we have a private park for our event. We have a staff of seasoned coaches that will guide you through every trick along the way and, professional photographers to capture every moment. At the end of each event you will walk away with new friends, long lasting memories, and some new found confidence in the park! We share and send all of our content we capture to each camper so they can re-live all the memories.

We were all beginners at one point, and maybe even a little intimidated of the park. When you have a great group of friends around you, it doesn't matter how good you are or how big you go, with a strong community everyone can feel like Beyonce.