About Us

 What is Park Affair

Park Affair is a women’s organization, rooted in snowboarding, designed to inspire and encourage women to push their limits on and off their board of choice.
We started Park Affair with a very specific agenda in mind: to create a space in the terrain park for women to feel confident and unstoppable. Within a few years this platform has grown into an inclusive community that's bound by shared values. 
We are rooted in snowboarding, but our platform is held up by many different programs such as; camps, mentorships, community involvement, donation drives, gear edits, competitions, as well as specialized events to showcase the energy this community has. 
Park Affair is designed for all riders who are comfortable in a women-led space, welcoming those who identify as a mix of she/her, him/he, them/they, and gender non-conforming.
A few members from the Team: 

“Park Affair is all about community over competition, and that has been such a big influence on me as I progress my riding. I’ve met women from all over the northeast who share the same passions I do, and it has been such a treat to experience my own accomplishments alongside other women who are also pushing themselves while cheering on and supporting others. It’s so unique and I think Mercedes and Hailey have outdone themselves to curate a mental and physical safe space that allows women to push their boundaries.” – MacKenzie Hennessey, Park Affair Photographer and Community Member, X Games Winner 

The Directors 
 “Park Affair is a group of really rad, genuine women who are all driven and all share the same passion for uplifting one another. Hailey and Mercedes have cultivated a welcoming, athletic, creative, environment for anyone who has that itch to try action sports. This community is built upon true, honest, welcoming people. A network of strong women supporting each other in such male dominated sports is long overdue. Park Affair’s presence organically demands your attention and turns head not only by our ability on the snow, surf or skatepark, but also from our characters! Park Affair is that much needed breath of fresh air in such trying times.” – Amanda Dibbs, Park Affair Ambassador, Coach, and Mentor
 Group Shot from one of our Snowboard Camps on 2018
Ride Day at Mt. Snow 2019 


“With Park Affair I feel like I’ve found my people, which can be and has been tricky as a woman in athletic spaces. I look forward to it every year and cancel all things that might interfere with my attendance. It’s legit like a reunion. I’ve tried to make it my business to give back to Park Affair too, hoping to reciprocate the positive energy and inspiration. I think that may be the driving force behind Park Affair, reciprocity.” – Afalalu Muhammadu,  Ambassador, and Creative Division 

Product Night at Oakley NYC 
Teaming up with Lisa Surf School at Lido beach NY 
We love to collaborate with other communities and groups! 
 Connect with us at: 
Mercedes Ortega mercedestortega@gmail.com
Hailey Ronconi hailey.ronconi@gmail.com