Judging at Eastern Boarders Last Call


Every March for the past 20 years EB has put on Last Call, the longest and largest running snowboard contest on the East Coast! Hailey and Mercedes (our directors) were invited to be part of the Judging Panel. No small feat when you have a stacked invite line up of the best riders on the East Coast such as Athena Comeau, Ty Schnorrbusch, Abby Ronca, Lily Calabrese, Joey Leon, LJ Henriquez, Johnny O’Connor, Benny Milam, Lauren Tamposi , Zeb Powell, Miles Fallon, Rob Roethler, Austin Visintainer, Alex Caccamo, Casey Savage, Danny Garrity, Eugene Stancato, Timmy Sullivan, and Kaleah Opal.   Alongside Hailey and Mercedes were a grip of seasoned judges John Comeau, Travis Neuenhaus, Shaun Murphy and JG.  The MC for the day was Ryan Manning


 Photo by Jesse Dawson



Woman’s Overall: 

  1. Ty Schnorrbusch
  2. Lauren Tamposi
  3. Athena Comeau 
  4. Kaleah Opal 




Mens Overall:

  1. Jed Sky
  2. Zeb Powell
  3. Joey Okesson
  4. Jack Kohan