The Mini SCOOP Youth Program

Park Affair Presents " The MINI SCOOP Youth Program" 
This program is on hold 
Growing the community means supporting all aspects and ages! Youth athletes in all sports acquire the best possible skill set at a young age. 
Park Affair is proud to build a program strictly for the young girl shredders (ages U-12) This program will take place 2 times per year and will be a more intimate setting, reaching 25  campers per event, alongside 10 female role models as coaches.
Each Park Affair Mini Scoops event will be hosted over the course of one day from 9am – 1:00pm, and will focus on Park etiquette and teaching the girls fundamentals; board control, jumps, box and rail composure, all while inspiring and empowering them with self-esteem and confidence building both on and off the board.
We cant wait to share the love we have for snowboarding with the young girls out there! 
Dates: This program will be on hold this season - Check back winter 2024
Mountain Location: TBD